I have been diving for more than two years now. I could still remember how hesitant I am to submit myself for a scuba diving class, I could not imagine myself in a wetsuit and a heavy tank at my back more so being underwater. My job as the Customer Service Representative and Company Nurse of the resort it requires me to do scuba diving for me to relate to all our diving guests here in Kasai Village. It was November of 2012 when Sir Michael and Robert announced that there will be an Open Water Diver Course for selected staff and I was one of the few who have been chosen.

Of course in the very beginning it was the bleakest time for me, everything was just so differently awkward. Robert, our dive instructor back that time never failed to guide and back as up all the times, he taught us everything he knew about diving. Then come my OW certification day and that was the highlight of my working days here in Kasai Village. I was so proud that I was able to passed my Open Water Diver Course despite of the doubts and hesitations that I have.

I continued and keeping up my dives by going with the dive team in the boat everytime they will go diving. Most of the skills that I have now I learned it base on my experiences diving with them. A simple thank you will not be enough to say to Tata, Crish, Alex, Allan & Felix for their undying patients when I onboard myself on the boat and dive together with them. They have taught me so many skills and tactics in diving that I have not learnt from my Open Water Course days.

The dive team became so confident on me that they asked me to be their back up dive when there is more guests to handle. I, myself was so honored and thrilled to be appointed. It means so much to me and I appreciated everything.For me, all my hard works when it comes to diving have been paid off.

I decided to level up my diving status to Advance Adventure Diver. Crish was my instructor and he was very excellent all throughout the course. He explained and demonstrated to me the right and proper way in each specialty that I took ( Nitrox, Navigation, Deep Dive, Peak Performance Buoyancy and Night & Limited Visibility ).

I highly recommend to all of you, if you are planning to take a diving course, stop thinking twice now, Kasai Village Dive Academy is the real thing, I am not saying this because I work here but I am stating the obvious reasons- State-of-the -art diving facilities and well trained, experienced, and knowledgeable Dive Instructors.

Endless thank you to Sir Michael for the great opportunity given

It’s more fun in Kasai Village!


Advanced Adventurer Course