During any recreational or technical SSI scuba diving course done in Moalboal, Cebu you can see very different marine life. Starting at Kasai Village Dive Academy’s house reef during your first SSI open water dive in the course you will be greeted by many Reeftop Pipefish. After you are done with the skill circuit you might go deeper with your Open Water Instructor and see all the sea fans, and soft and hard corals growing on the Kasai slope before it turns into a wall.

Scuba Diving CebuMoalboal’s reef offer some of the best coral, creature and fish variety in Asia. On any given dive, you are likely to see an abundance of reef fish: parrotfish (juvenile and adult), damselfish, butterfly fish, frog fish, angel fish and many others presented on almost every dive site. Grouper and snapper are healthy and you may see large schools of blue tang and creole wrasse. You are also likely to encounter at least one hawksbill or green turtle on every dive. If you do a few dives with us, you might be lucky to see whale shark, white tip reef shark, blue ring octopus, mandarin fish, ghost pipe fish and harlequin shrimps.

Our experienced dive guide and instructors are highly knowledgeable about the reef inhabitants and fish behaviors with a wealth of knowledge on different areas  and interests. Sit down with us, consult the fish book and we will help you identify what you saw on your dives.