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As much as we love sharing our passion for diving and passing on our experience when teaching divers, we love to go out fun diving too.  The simple pleasure of fish watching and critter hunting is the reason why we dip below the surface!

Because we enjoy it – we want you too as well!

To do this we guarantee a maximum of four divers in your group. We can also arrange a private guide if you would like this service. We encourage those with enough experience to dive independent of a guide if they wish.

We also like to miss the crowds, diving the opposite schedule to other dive schools.

We ensure each experience level is catered too while making sure the schedule is varied to give you the opportunity to dive a range of sites during your stay..

We have our own boat and also the flexibility to dive across a number of different boat schedules while still adding to your multi-dive discount.  We offer a range of special day trips throughout the year to visit wrecks sites and further away and little visited sites too.

  • number of Open Water  dives
  • number of Confined Pool Session
  • number of Open Water dives for technical diving
  • number of hours for Classroom Session
  • price of the course
  • number of days to complete the course
  • prerequisite for course qualifications
  • schedule for the course to start
  • what’s next to take
  • certification

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