The Course

We congratulate you on your decision to be better prepared to assist a diver in an emergency situation with the use of scuba first aid and CPR. If you are combining this course with the SSI Diver Stress & Rescue program you will be even better informed about how to address divers and emergencies. First aid techniques are constantly changing and improving. Whether it is the first time that you will take a first aid course, or you have had first aid training in the past, we are certain that you will find this program valuable.


Course Content

This course has two parts. The first part is a home-study program which allows you to learn at your pace, in your best learning environment. The second part is a skill development session with an SSI React Right Instructor to learn how to combine first aid skills and provide first aid for a victim who is injured or ill. During the home-study portion of the course, you will review this book and complete the knowledge review questions in the appendix of this book. During your skill development session with your SSI instructor, you will have the opportunity to have any unanswered CPR/First Aid questions addressed after which you will take a written exam and demonstrate the required skills. Upon successful completion of all course requirements, you will receive a completion card that will be valid for two years.

React Right First Aid Training

This course is not intended to replace a full length course of Emergency Medical Instruction (for EMT’s or higher qualifications) but is part of a complete educational system nor is it designed as a complete first aid and CPR course due to the large number of accident/injury scenarios not covered.