Internships at Kasai Village Dive Academy

Many places in the world have great diving but no teaching and many places great teaching conditions with just average diving but Kasai Village Dive Academy has the best of both. We have great diving and great teaching facilities. We have the fantastic warm, clear blue waters with wreck, walls, swim through, deep diving and tons of marine life as well as the facilities and Instructors to guide you to being a great Dive Professionals.

Whilst there has certain requirements needing to be fulfilled to accomplish the rating of an SSI Dive Professional we go beyond these minimums because Kasai Village Dive Academy has the facilities and opportunities to teach you so much more. Here are just a few things you will learn in your Internship; how to fill tanks, lift bag use, Deep dives, Drift dives, Navigation dives, equipment repair, hang and sling tank assembly and usage, night dives, wreck dives, instructor assistance and dive guide leading experience that is unmatched anywhere by Dive Professionals who have been working in the industry for 15 plus years.

No one can or will give you this much education and experience at such a low price in one great location. This free experience and knowledge is priceless. All of our Interns will actually get the opportunity to help lead real divers on paid fun dives on holiday here at Kasai Village Dive Academy as well as assist on real Discover Scuba Diving experiences, help instructors on Open Water, Advanced and Rescue courses and aid in the teaching of their fellow interns.

We believe that in order to become an SSI Dive Professionals you must be exposed to as many experiences available and have the ability to do hands-on training in becoming a great Dive Professional. We give that to you at Kasai Village Dive Academy Internship.