Here are some Frequently asked Questions about Scuba Diving Internships held by Kasai Village Dive Academy and Dive Center in Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines. If you have further, or more detailed questions just write us a line and we are more than happy to reply to your questions.

What will my Instructor Training Course cost?

Price includes: courses, all boat trips & air cylinders for the duration of the course.

What will i have to do during the ITC?

You can expect to be involved in class activities for about 60 hours over the ten-day program. During this time you will attend about 35 hours of classroom presentations conducted by our SSI Instructor Trainers. In these lectures you will learn about the SSI educational system and how to teach it. You will also make at least, four teaching presentations in theory, four in confined water and two in open water.

Can I do my IE presentation in my own language?

Yes, possible, but depending on language – If you have completed your ITC with Kasai Village Dive Academy, and there is not a SSI Examiner available for your language, we will try our best to provide translation services for you at the IE, subject to the approval of the SSI Examiners.

What happens if I don’t pass the IE?

Because of our high quality instruction and low student-to-instructor ratio, our instructor candidates traditionally gain above average scores in the IE in all areas of evaluation. However, in the unlikely event that you are unsuccessful at the IE, at the discretion of the Dive Centre Manager, you can retake the required parts of program at minimal extra cost. Additional SSI IE fees will be incurred.

If I fail just one part of the IE, can I retake just that part?

Yes – SSI now allows the candidate to retake only the component that they failed in a make up at the same day. If you fail up to 2 components, or if the in-water teaching “open water” is failed you have to attend the next IE at additional cost.

Is extra time available for preparation and study for the ITC?

We recommend taking the two-day intensive preparation course which we offer a few days before the ITC. Just check out our website about it.

Do you have a proper school?

Yes of course, we have purpose-built diver training facilities with fully equipped, air-conditioned classrooms as well as private training pool and easy-access to open water training sites.

Is accommodation available nearby and how much will it cost?

Yes – Kasai Village Dive Academy are within our hotel complex. Varying levels of accommodation are available outside the resort including short term self-contained apartments for rent. Accommodation ranges from 475 peso per night/twin share to 3.000 Peso per night depending on budget. If you choose to stay alone it will start from 950 Peso a night. Contact our reservations office for hotel, hostel prices:

Are there jobs available and how can i find them?

There is a possibility to even work for us here at Kasai Village Dive Academy, otherwise there are many SSI dive centres here in Cebu looking for staff. We also have a global network due to our long term work experience in the diving industry in Asia and Europe.