Change Your Life, Get Paid To Dive! This Is Your First Step Towards A Whole New Way Of Life!

In early 2012 Kasai Village Dive Academy took the decision to offer our divers the full range of SSI courses. We did this in order to offer greater flexibility and choice. More importantly for you, we wanted to ensure that those divers wanting to make diving their career had, not only the best start possible, but the greatest opportunities.

Why would this make a difference?

SSI is the fastest growing scuba agency in the world – in 2012 they experienced growth of 40%.This means that their professionals are in great demand. This demand is exceeding supply.

For you, this means some awesome job opportunities in some of the world’s most stunning locations with limited competition for these roles. Have a look here at some of the amazing jobs just waiting to be filled.

SSI believes in a student driven training methodology, giving the Instructor flexibility within its teaching system. This creates more comfortable, confident divers at all levels & not just people who have completed dive courses.

What does this mean?

The PADI rules state that dive centres are only allowed to offer one instructor course, so we have chosen to teach the one that most benefits our divers in terms of training and opportunities – SSI.

We therefor offer the full range of SSI professional level courses and career development opportunities.

We also offer the PADI Dive Master Course.

How does it work and where do I start?

SSI split their initial professional training into 3 sections. SSI Dive Guide, SSI Divemaster and SSI Dive Control Specialist. This offers you flexibility to break up your training if you wish, learn in sections at your own pace, taking each new step and extra responsibility and learning as you feel ready.

In practice, most professional candidates choose to take all three levels consecutively, achieving SSI Dive Control Specialist status. This is the prerequisite for the SSI Instructor Training Course which will open up a ocean of opportunities for you.

We run SSI Instructor Training Courses every month with a maximum of 4 candidates so as not to dilute quality of tuition offered and standard of new professional that we train. This means spaces are limited so please contact us for details of availability.

This Invaluable Experience Is Here To Be Soaked Up!

SSI Dive Guide is an equivalent level to PADI Dive Master.

SSI Dive Control Specialist is equivalent to PADI Assistant Instructor.

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