Course Content

Become a key player in the diving industry! Teaching the new Dive Control Specialist Course can be rewarding, fun and profitable. This is also the first step to becoming an SSI Instructor Trainer.
Gain experience training new Instructors by assisting active Instructor Trainers in Instructor Training Courses. The more experience you have, the better your chances for being accepted to attend an Instructor Trainer Seminar. As an active Dive Control Specialist Instructor you can run the first 8 sessions of the new ITC under direct supervision.


  • Dive Control Specialist Instructor training in Cebu, PhilippinesBe at least 18 years old.
  • Be certified as an active Divemaster Instructor or the equivalent..
  • Be in an active teaching status.
  • Provide own scuba diving equipment of Instructor type and quality.
  • Have issued a minimum of 30 SSI certifications at various levels. For crossover instructors, certifications from other recognized agencies will apply to this requirement.
  • Have a current medical exam for scuba diving not older than 1 year signed by a licensed medical practitioner.
  • Provide proof of current training in CPR.
  • Provide proof of current training in first aid.
  • Provide proof of being competent in the emergency administration of oxygen. This shall include knowledge of the medical principles involved and practical use of emergency oxygen.

Requirements for Dive Control Specialist Instructor certification are:

  • Attend a Dive Control Specialist Instructor course through an SSI Instructor Training Centre or SSI Headquarters.
  • Attend a complete DCS Program before certification

Option 1:

Attend a Dive Control Specialist Instructor program and co-teach or role-play an entire Dive Control Specialist Program. The entire training needs to be conducted by an active SSI Instructor Trainer.

— OR —

Option 2:
Attend a Dive Control Specialist Instructor seminar conducted by an active SSI Instructor Trainer.

What’s Included?

The Course includes all the elements required for completion: a copy of the Instructor Trainer Manual, internationally recognized SSI Dive Control Specialist Instructor Certification card, high quality instruction from a highly qualified experienced instructor trainers, tea, coffee, water, light refreshments and free access to wifi internet connection.

  • ₱ 47,995.00
  • minimum 9 days
  • 12 theory lesson
  • 5 pool sessions
  • 1 Open water dive
  • To take this course you must be at least 18 years old or older
  • This course can be started before Dive Control Specialist Program
  • Master Instructor