THE COURSEInstructor Trainer Seminar

Once you have successfully passed the Instructor Trainer Seminar you can teach and issue certifications for Instructor Training Courses, Specialty Instructor and Dive Control Specialist Instructor Seminars, and Instructor Crossover programs. You will have a significant impact on the quality of future instructors.


  • Be certified as an active Master Instructor or equivalent.
  • Have no ethics or Standards violation pending or any verified ethics or Standards violations in the past 12 months with SSI or any other training organization.
  • The Instructor Trainer Candidate must have assisted with a minimum of 1 SSI Instructor Training Course (ITC) and 1 SSI Dive Professional Crossover signed off by an active Instructor Trainer or higher.
  • Submit a written application to SSI for approval.


Display leadership behaviors as well as pass all requirements as listed in the program curriculum. These requirements include:

  • Attend all sessions of an Instructor Trainer Seminar conducted by the SSI Service Center.
  • Complete and pass watermanship and several skill evaluations.
  • Complete and pass several Academic and In-Water Presentations.
  • Pass a Final Exam with a minimum score of 90%.
  • Apply the SSI Business System.


  • Exclusively conduct the SSI Total Teaching System for all recreational levels and issue only SSI certifications. Only those programs that SSI does not provide materials for can be conducted without violating this standard.
  • Exemplify the SSI philosophy and display competence in applying the SSI Business System.
  • Teach one complete Instructor Training Course (ITC) program every 24 months
  • Attend mandatory updates, if the SSI Service Center Introduces new or updated products or programs
  • Instructor Trainers will be held responsible for their quality of education. If a significant number of their candidates fail the Instructor
    evaluation (IE) because of non-performance of the Instructor Trainer, the Instructor Trainer can be required to re-attend the next Instructor Trainer Seminar (ITS) or revert to the Master Instructor rating.