The Course

XR Extended Range Instructor Training in Cebu, PhilippinesAt some point nearly every diver wants to extend their knowledge beyond the limits of recreational diving and wants to experience more challenging diving. Extended Range has it all!

With professional training materials, comprehensive standards and flexible course combinations makes the SSI Extended Range program a unique experience. All courses and training materials were developed by industry professionals with decades of technical diving experience.

To qualify for Extended Range Instructor Training Course you only need to be an Advanced Open Water, Deep and Nitrox Instructor and an Extended Range Diver.

The SSI XR Extended Range program contains decompression diving up to a depth of 45 meters using recreational diving equipment and one stage cylinder. This creates the opportunity of an easy and very useful first step in our Extended Range Program. It’s simple and easy to conquer new limits!

Course Content

  • All academics
  • A sample dive planning session for orientation to the XR Dive Planning Slates
  • A confined water session that will include the presentation and the evaluation of all water skills required in the XR Extended Range Program. All skills must be demonstrated and presented perfectly
  • Assist in the planning and participate as a team member in at least one XR Extended range dive
  • Plan and conduct as an acting Instructor at least 1 (2 if you do it in conjunction with the XR Nitrox program) dive (s) from the XR Extended Range Program supervising an assistant or another Instructor Training Program candidate diver who will act as the student during the training dive
  • Demonstrate the ability to rescue an unconscious diver by bringing the diver to the surface from a depth of between 5m and 10m, establishing positive buoyancy, evaluating the diver’s status, removing all equipment and removing the diver from the water. Assistance may be used ONLY for the handling of equipment once it is removed from the diver and in removing the diver from the water. This skill must be completed proficiently and without unnecessary time delays depending upon the conditions present at the rescue site
  • Complete an appropriate equipment assembly drill without errors in a time limit of 30 minutes.

What’s Included?

The Course includes all the elements required for completion: a copy of the XR Extended Range Instructor Manual, internationally recognized SSI XR Extended Range Instructor Certification card, high quality instruction from a highly qualified experienced instructor trainers, tea, coffee, water, light refreshments and free access to WiFi internet connection.

  • 3 days
  • theory lessons
  • 1 pool session
  • 1 Open water dive
  • To take this course you must be at least 18 years old or older
  • This course can be started after making an appointment
  • TXR Instructor