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Why Use Rebreather?

When using a CCR (Closed Circut Rebreather) all the exhaling gas goes back in to circulation leaving no air or bubbles going out as in a normal scuba system. In this way you may do longer and deeper dives but for a much lower cost. Diving rebreathers also alows you to get much closer to the marine life than ever before! Rebreathers circulate warm and more humid gas at ambient pressure whish gives a more similar feeling of breathing on the surface.

This is the perfect way for underwater photographers! With no bubbles and no sound there will be nothing scaring fish or marine life away making you a natural part of the underwater enviroment. To learn more, choose a rebreather down below!

CCR Dive Courses At Kasai Village

Kasai Dive Academy teaches CCR dive courses in SSI, ANDI, RAID and IANTD. Choose whish system you wish to learn by clicking the name.

Why Us?

Kasai Village Dive Academy offers a range of Rebreather training programs which allow you to develop your skills and knowledge of Rebreather diving in a safe, progressive and controlled manner under the direct supervision of your Rebreather instructor.

Building upon your existing knowledge and skills, you’ll learn the benefits of Rebreather diving and develop your dive skills to prepare and maintain a Rebreather and to safely plan and conduct Rebreather dives. From Entry to Expedition-level, Kasai Village Dive Academy offers Rebreather training programs from the top Instructors of the leading agencies.

Kasai Village Dive Academy are at the very cutting edge and offer the opportunity to learn and dive on rEvo, Poseidon, Liberty Backmounted & Sidemounted & Hollis Explorer units.