The Course

An Ocean Ranger is a role model. While diving and while protecting the environment. Skillful taring for example is needed as well as the active protection of the sea. Collect plastic trash under water and dispose it wisely. Or take action and support campaigns. Please see some more useful hints for active marine conservation in the Ocean Ranger Code.

Course Content

Ocean Ranger do not damage the Underwater Environment! Most of responsible divers behave sensible enough underwater. Though everybody should read the following and might take away some new hints:

  • Ocean Ranger in Moalboal, Cebu, PhilippinesDo not step on, touch or damage the reef because it can take years or decades to recover
  • Do not touch animals because the skin protection layer gets damaged or animals suffer from panic attacks
  • Always use the marked entry and exit points to access the dive
  • Do not collect shells, snails or any other “underwater souvenirs”
  • Improve your buoyancy skills which guarantees the best environmental protection
  • Do not stir up sand or silt near to the reef to avoid covering the corals
  • Streamline your equipment configuration and secure all hoses to avoid mechanical damages
  • Do not disturb any sleeping wildlife at night because that may lead to stress or they might become pray much easier
  • Collect garbage during dives, therefore always carry a collection bag
  • Only if absolutely unavoidable use reef hooks non-living parts of the reef
  • Do not throw cigarettes away on sea or on land
  • Do not leave any garbage at the dive spot

The Kasai Village Dive Resort Ocean Ranger Station also offer special courses and are the starting point for collective actions. Speak to us to protect the sea. With your Ocean Ranger Brevet you have the chance to report and document offenses on the environment directly to our Campaign Head Quarters. We will take care with the power of SSI and the Ocean Rangers. We promise!

One last important note: The Ocean Ranger Brevet is also for non-divers available. Spread the news and support us! And another thing is sure, we do not forward any of your data.


What’s Included?

The course includes all the elements required for completion: internationally recognised certification card and free access to wifi internet connection.

  • Euro 19.00 without dive                ₱ 4.995.00 with a clean up dive
  • 10 years old or above
  • This course can be started any day
  • SSI Speciality Diver, SSI Advanced Open Water or SSI Master Diver