The Course

Respond Right First Aid / CPR and Oxygen Administration courses provide you with the skills required to respond to emergency situations. The courses offer first aid courses from basic first aid to apply advanced first aid, including CPR and O2 provider These courses are vital to many industries and careers; they are also important competencies for day-to-day life outside of work as well. Being qualified in Respond Right will give you the skills to manage an accident scene and provide essential first aid. Accidents and illnesses happen every day, some people need only a helping hand while others may suffer serious permanent injuries unless they are given help.

Course Content

  • Apply First Aid

As the minimum level for Rescue Diver or Workplace first aid, this course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to help you provide first aid, life support, management of casualties, and incident until the arrival of medical or other assistance.

  • Apply Advanced First Aid

This unit builds on Apply First Aid and includes additional skills and use of a range of additional equipment. This unit is assessed after your achievement of  Apply First Aid and incorporates the content of Apply Advanced Resuscitation Techniques as required for all Professional Dive Leaders.

  • O2 Provider – Basic Oxygen Administration

Learning advanced first aid skills has been made easier with Respond Right’s unique, practical based training. In this course, you will learn to provide basic first aid resuscitation techniques, life support and management of casualty(s), O2. Upon successful completion, you will receive a Statement of Attainment for Basic Oxygen Administration (RRBO2), Certification card and wall diploma.

  • Refresher Course

Depending on the expiry date of the Respond Right Asia First Aid course, if not more than 1 month expired a minimum of 4 hrs training should be delivered. If more than 1 month expiry, the full course should be told. Instructors are responsible to make sure all skills are up to date after the refresher course.

If the refresher is taught to a provider from a different agency the Trainer must make sure the participant has the proper knowledge of the Respond Right Asia First Aid course in both academic and practical applications.