The Course

At Kasai Village Dive Academy in Cebu we have Instructor training internship programs running in Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines, Asia with the best result. All graduates found a job so far and we are confident that it will stay this way.
You will get the “extra” information needed to be successful, which can be not taught in a normal program.

Course Content

Our “Dive Control Specialist to Instructor” internship includes a minimum of the following:

  • Respond Right First Aid/CPR and Oxygen Administration*
  • Dive Control Specialist Course (DCS)
  • Instructor Training Course (ITC)
  • Sidemount Try-out

Instructor Training Course in Cebu, Philippines*Ideally you should have Oxygen Administration already, but if not we also can include it in this package.

This Scuba Diving Internship will take 1 month and in this 1 month you will take some courses, have many home study assignments and pass exams and evaluations.

BUT you also will join fun-divers during their exploration of the many stunning reefs and walls around Moalboal, Cebu, while observing the guides and Instructors.

As you are already a Divemaster, you should know when have to turn or go to shallower depths and why! How to make sure all divers are safe at the surface with ample reserve air in their tanks! But our SSI Divemasters and SSI Open Water instructors still might introduce you to some new techniques on how can they find all this little creatures!

You will join and assist Instructors during their diver training, so you can pick the best of each Instructor, which fit your own style. YES we don’t want clones copying exactly one Instructor, find your own teaching style while you are here with us and you don’t have to find it while actual training.

You will fill tanks, YES, most internships are not including this, as they just teach Divemasters or Instructors how to guide or train divers. But believe us it is way easier to find a job if you can list Tank filling, Nitrox blending, Equipment repair and maintenance in your resume.

Also if you open your own dive centre one day you need to know how to do it to teach your staff properly. Not properly trained staff can cost a dive centre a very large amount of money due to (unnecessary) repairs negligently caused.

What’s Included?

The Dive Control Specialist to SSI Instructor course includes all the elements required for completion: your own copy of the Dive Control Specialist and SSI Instructor Training Course manuals, internationally recognized SSI professional certification cards, full equipment hire, high quality instruction from a highly qualified experienced instructors, tea, coffee, water, light refreshments and free access to wifi internet connection.

  • PHP 154,495.00
  • 30 days
  • many theory lessons
  • min. 8 pool sessions
  • min. 2 Open water dives
  • 18 years old or above
  • This course can be started any day
  • Advanced Open Water Instructor