Scuba Diving Course in Cebu

Scuba Diving Course CebuAfter and during completing your Scuba Dive Course with our Dive Center here in Cebu, you will dive on some beautiful reefs.

Scuba Diving in Cebu has some main attractions like Pescador island with its cathedral cave which looks from inside like a human skull and of course the sardines which are down at Moalboal all year long, the shipwrecks at Mactan, the thresher sharks at Malapascua, the whale sharks at Oslob and Sumilon. Frogfish, reeftop pipefish, ghostpipe fish, pygmy seahorse and many other species are frequently seen by our divemasters in Moalboal.

Area’s for Scuba Diving Cebu

The scuba dive areas you can visit after your completion of the scuba diveing course in Cebu are mainly Apo Island, Mactan, Malapascua and of course Moalboal. Moalboal with it’s quality reefs, sardines and macro dives still attract most divers, specially world class Digital Underwater Photographer.
The sardines are normally all year long here and definitely a visit worth, you never will forget them!

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Best time for Scuba Diving Course in Cebu

The best time to dive or book a dive course here in Cebu is during the months of November through May. The wet season for most of the country is July to September, but it is still nice to dive and a bit more quiet due to “low season”. Beginning in November and ending in May is what is considered the dry season. At this time, the sea becomes flat, calm and a brilliant azure, with incredible visibility especially during April and May.