The Course

Cave diving in MoalboalIn the world of cave diving there is a core group of experts that have spent nearly 5 decades developing the rules and training methods that permeate the training used by nearly every cave training agency in the world. The National Association of Cave Divers (NACD) has established itself as a world leader in this highly specialized segment of the diving world.

Course Content

SSI`s Extended Range Programs are true Technical Diving programs. They challenge the diver with multi stage unlimited decompression profiles. As with the XR programs, real overhead techniques are covered when participating in the cave programs.

Because of the nature of these extreme programs your training will be incredibly thorough and exacting. Nothing is left to chance and all bases are covered. The high level skills and knowledge during the XR programs are taken a step further allowing you to push not only traditional diving limits but also your own.

Course Content

To get to full cave diver level from cavern diving you will participate in the SSI XR cave diving  and full cave diving programs. Intro/basics allows penetration on a single line. Full cave allows complex navigation and you learn how to traverse, jump, tee and gap within the cave system. You will enhance your lost line, lost teammate, gas sharing and loss of light skills.

  • Diver Stress & Rescue certification or equivalent
  • SSI XR Cavern Diving certification or equivalent
  • Advanced Open Water certification or equivalent
  • 75 logged dives including at least 20 cavern or cave dives.

And either

  • SSI XR Cave Diving certification


Online Training


Register yourself on the SSI homepage, then choose KASAI VILLAGE DIVE ACADEMY as a dive centre.



There is no Digital Kit available yet for this course. As soon as it is available you will have unlimited access to it at your SSI App, but in the Diamond version only!

Start Learning – the programs are exciting with videos and animations. Test your knowledge with interactive questions. Add notes for discussion with your Instructor and track your progress every time you login.

The DiveSSI App is an “All-In-One Dive Tool” to give you digital access to your Training Materials, Logbook and Certifications. By purchasing the Diamond Version of your Digital Kits, you can access your materials offline via the SSI App on your Tablet or Smart Phone. Visit your App Store and download the DiveSSI App FREE – Available for iOS and Android!

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After you downloaded the SSI App and signed in trough your SSI Diver Profile you can start your online training as soon as we open the course materials for you!


Digital XR Full Cave Diver Diamond Kit includes:

  • Digital SSI Certification Card
  • Plastic SSI Certification Card
  • Digital Training materials including video
  • Interactive review questions, personal notes
  • Offline and Online access via App on 3 different devices
  • Lifelong updated information on the course
  • Digital online Logbook – 2 years license

Digital XR Full Cave Diver Standard Kit includes:

  • Digital SSI Certification Card
  • Digital Training materials including video
  • Interactive review questions, personal notes
  • Online access only (unlimited)
  • Digital Logbook – 1 year license via SSI App


What’s Included?

The Course includes all the elements required for completion: a library copy of the SSI XR Full Cave Diver Manual to use during the entire session of the course, internationally recognized SSI XR Full Cave Diver Certification card, full equipment hire, high quality instruction from a highly qualified experienced instructors, tea, coffee, water, light refreshments and free access to wifi internet connection.

  • ₱65,000.00
  • 1 X 2 Hour Pool Sessions
  • 8 Open Water Dives
  • 2 X 3 Hour Classroom Sessions
  • 4 Days
  • TXR Advanced Decompression Procedures