About SSI (Scuba Schools International)

Dive Resort Moalboal divessiSSI  offers the same supreme quality of training aids and standards- the finest the scuba diving industry has to offer here in Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines as elsewhere in Asia and around the World. The SSI organization is set up to deliver quality SSI Instructors can teach only at SSI Training Facilities. SSI is the only organization in the industry with this level of quality control and accountability.


Certification gives you lifetime access to diving services, diving activities and travel opportunities worldwide. Since certification is for life, it is the diver’s responsibility to maintain proficiency with his or her knowledge and skills, keep his or her equipment serviced, and dive within the limits of his or her comfort and ability.


SSI Open Water Instructors teach and certify divers through SSI Training Facilities. Instructors are responsible for meeting SSI Training Standards, using current materials and renewing their active status with SSI annually. Instructor performances are monitored by their training facilities.

Authorized Dealers

SSI Training Facilities include professional retailers, resorts, clubs and colleges all over the world. Training facilities operate a scuba diving school for diver and dive leader training; sell, rent and service high-quality equipment; sell compressed gas; and run trips, activities and boats for diving

Serious Diving

There is a strong correlation between the quality of your training and the amount of fun you will have. To show you what is so special about learning to dive the ” SSI way ” we have highlighted some of the essential ingredients of your course.

What Every Diver Should Know

Decades of experience have taught us that there are four requirements to serious diving and serious fun.

Dive Resort Moalboal SSIProper Knowledge
There are certain safety rules that must be learned. With a professional teaching system, you can study the information at your own pace. An instructor is always available for assistance.
Proper Skills
You must develop ability with basic scuba skills, such as moving in the water and equipment handling. The best way to learn is from a qualified instructor at a professional scuba school. Review and practice time reinforce the skills.
Proper Equipment
The most comfortable, convenient and enjoyable way to dive is with your own set of properly-fitted equipment. As you become familiar with your equipment, your ability level increases. Annual servicing assures your equipment’s performance and minimizes malfunctions.
Proper Experience
While education helps develop knowledge and skills, the key to becoming a comfortable and confident diver is simply to dive as much as possible. Your experience and ability increase as you seek out different diving locations, meet new friends, have new adventures and explore new worlds. That is why SSI’s motto is ” Serious Diving, Serious Fun! ”.

SSI’s Total Systems Approach

Scuba Schools International has developed three systems to help you acquire the proper knowledge, skills, equipment and experience for long-term diving.

Getting Certified with SSI’s 1-2-3 Approach

Scuba Schools International’s 1-2-3 Approach is a natural learning progression with the goal of developing ability and comfort so you can really enjoy diving.

Step 1: Study Academics at Home

Start your adventure today with our top-rated home study program. At your convenience, and in the comfort of your own home, you review the text, watch a full-motion video or DVD, and complete a simple study guide. To ensure you have met all the defined learning objectives, you will take a final exam. A passing score is 80%. We want to make sure you are in good health for diving, so we require that you complete a confidential medical questionnaire. Developed by a committee of noted  diving physicians, the questionnaire screens for certain medical conditions. If you have one of these conditions, it will be necessary for you to visit a physician.

Step 2:  Complete Academic Review & Pool Sessions.

After your academic and equipment review session. it is off to the pool to become comfortable and proficient with your new scuba skills and equipment under the guidance of a professional SSI Instructor.

Step 3: Complete Open Water Certification Dives

Let’s go diving! You will join your Instructor for two exciting days of scuba diving. There you will apply all the knowledge and skills from steps 1 & 2. You can make the dives locally or join a scheduled trip to a diving destination. A referral can also be arranged if you already have a vacation planned.

SSI Quality Assurance

Did you know that someone at your Training Facility will personally monitor your instructor during your scuba course? That is right. A qualified person is responsible for making sure your instructor meets SSI Training Standards and that your course meets your satisfaction.

The advantages of on-site monitoring are obvious. It is proactive, rather than reactive. It is preventive; issues can be detected early and corrected quickly, before they become problems. Scuba Schools International is the only organization in the diving industry that has an on-site monitors. This is possible because SSI Instructors are required to teach through an SSI Training Facility.

You should confirm with your Training Facility or your Regional Centre that your instructor is active with Scuba Schools International.