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The Cave Diving in the Philippines is amazing. Some cave divers say that the Philippines is like a Swiss cheese. There are cave systems all over that varies in difficulty. In Moalboal we have a very nice cave located at our house reef at Kasai, down at 40m. The cave is explored to a length of about 150m inland. Accessible from the Kasai Village  jetty you don’t need a boat to reach it.

There are another 10 caves located in the wall surrounding Moalboal which also offers great diving opportunities for those who are certified full cave divers. Another cave is called Marigondon Cave, which can be found in Mactan and is a easy to dive cave. With a roof at around 29m and the floor about 40m, the Marigondon cave opens at first into a large cavern. The main tunnel opens forward and as you begin moving further into the Marigondon cave, the main tunnel shrinks, but does not become restrictive.

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